Real Touch Pink Roses-Real Touch Pink/White Orchids-Baby Pink/Pink/Blush Rose Flower Arrangement-Rose Faux Arrangement-Rose Centerpieces

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Happy ever arrangement 


Real touch rose arrangement ♥ Baby pink-light pink- blush pink real touch flower arrangement mixed with real touch pink orchids ♥ Real touch faux arrangement


This design is perfect for a contemporary and modern look for your place. The arrangement has many natural elements being featured. The flowers are wrapped into two smaller bouquets. Then they are nicely placed in a perfect shape. Some faux water is filled in the bottom to hold the flowers and add realism to the piece.


Height: 12"

Width: 12.5” 



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With Love by Xena Ng


Type: Made-to-order. It will take 5 to 10 business days for the florist to design and ship.