About Us

Flovery is a family friendly faux floral design and online retail company with several decades of experiences. Our group of professional florists have created and shipped artificial arrangements to clients from all over the world including Europe (London, Paris, and Dubai), Asia Pacific (Australia, Singapore, and Thailand) and America (Canada, Mexico and the United States). Customer service is always our top priority.



Flovery is about the Love of Flowers that are beautiful Forever.


Flower can represent many human perceptions and is a vehicle to send a message without words. However, fresh flowers only last for a short period of time. Flovery will bring you faux flowers that “look and feel” just like real.


It is about the meaning of life, the enjoyment and the moment that would last forever in our perception. We want our creations to make lasting impression for its owner.


We have a strong affection to make things beautiful. Our mission is to bring the real nature look into your space and be able to keep it forever. That is truely our appreciation for nature.


We have a large selection of real touch & faux flowers in our workshop to fuel our creativity. Customers also search for the term natural touch or life-like flower arrangements and they're basically similar. All are great for commercial (store fronts or restaurants) and residential decoration, interior design and staging, as well as weddings and special events.


At Flovery, we all have a life long passion in art and design. We love creating things and share beautiful ideas. We would occasionally get inspired from our customers. A few lovely customers took some photos using their phones and sent us (sorry for the dark and low resolution).


We are looking forward to be your BFF (Best Florist Friend)!