Premium Scented Soap Yellow Rose In Grey Square Box


Our premium soap roses have been hand crafted to a perfection to give off a divine and elegant look. Flovery’s soap roses can be used as a decorative piece in any room to give a lively and radiant feel!

Soap Roses never fade away! can also be a kind of collection or decoration. Perfect for Mother’s Day gift, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, Christmas gifts.

Not only do they look amazing but Flovery’s soap roses also double as an effective bath/hand soap that soothes, cleanses, and moisturizes your skin! To use the flowers as soaps, simply pick a flower head from the box, rinse under running water and use it to wash away dirt and germs. You can also use the flower soaps during your bath to enjoy a relaxing rose-scented aromatherapy session. 

 Professionally designed and placed in our elegant gift box. 

Handmade in USA 

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