It has been several years since we have done any change on the website. We have totally reinvented ourselves starting in 2017 with a brand new website. Our staffs at are very excited about this and can't wait to tell you more.

New improvements:

  • The platform has been moved to a more stable and reliable backend.
  • Web design is 100% brand new. We decided not to keep any legacy elements or content.
  • The navigation and checkout process are a lot simpler and modern.
  • We eliminated a lot of out-of-stock products and added new designs.
  • Our marketing department came up with a lot of fresh writing as well as videos.
  • For us, it is a lot easier to manage order, send email to our customers, track sales and send out special discounts. 

Unfortunately we could not migrate our previous customer information. We have contacted individuals who are impacted by this transition to create new accounts so it has been OK overall. 

By the way, we have a Special offer for any customer (new or existing) to sign up our Newsletter and receive 15% OFF. We can only give this offer for a few months so please hurry! The Newsletter box is below this blog. 

Do you like our new home? Feel free to comment.