Peonies are so beautiful but they only bloom in late spring to early summer. They last for approximately two weeks. When was the last time you can have peonies during the winter? Well, if your home has a "theme" of white and pink color, you are in luck. This gorgeous piece of art consists of many pink and light pink silk peonies. The flowers are made with the finest silk, giving the arrangement a natural look. This design is perfect for your home as well as office setting. 


pink silk arrangement peony




Your bedroom may look like below picture with light pink and a mix of white and  gray colors. Well, have you thought of having some pink silk peonies and white/yellow calla lilies in real touch material? This arrangement is amazingly realistic to the touch. It delivers a clean and natural look to your space. The calla lilies are nicely arranged with some branches in side the vase. There are also acrylic (fake) water added for more realism.

Real touch calla lily arrangement



Reading and Make-up Corner

This corner of the room is so lovely and I cannot imagine to go by one more day without flowers! Have you seen the pink real touch tulips and light pink peonies arrangement below? Nobody can take the eyes away from it because it's so gorgeous which fits perfectly into the room. 

Faux silk peony arrangement and centerpiece



Living Room

What do we have for baby blue and light pink? If it's in a living room space like the below photo, you're in luck. We can give it some peonies buds with hydrangeas all in light pink color that can be a great central focus of the room.

Silk peony arrangement or centerpiece



Home Office or Workspace

OK, last but not least, everybody loves roses and they are REQUIRED to be next to you when you sit near the computer all day. How do you like a pink laptop, white table with some pink real touch roses on top in a nice arrangement?

Real touch pink rose arrangement