Bundle of Silk Peony Arrangement in Variety Glass Vase

Type of Vase:

Delicately arranged with our high quality silk rose peonies including peonies, buds and leaves in a glass vase.

These peonies give the life-like look as their mother nature ones. The artificial arrangement is in glass vase and filled with faux (fake) water to add realism to the work.
They are permanently held in place by the faux (fake) water, yet it creates realistic look as just picked from the garden. to the work. This arrangement is made to last long in any preffered space, such as mall tables at home, vanity tray, book shelf, small night stand, end table or office desk.

Height: 8”
Width: 8.5”

Type: Made-to-order. It will take 5 to 10 business days for the florist to design and ship.