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Real touch, natural touch or life-like floral design

There are many terms for high quality artificial flowers to distinguish from low quality materials. Permanent flowers or faux flowers are gaining interest from consumers due to the realistic look and feel of the petals. Orchids, lilies, calla lilies, roses, buds, tulips, amaryllis, plumerias, peonies, and gerbera daisy are the most common types of real touch flowers. Since the manufacture coated a thin layer of latex, polyester or foam on top of silk, the real touch petal edges don’t look as fray or shred as pure silk.

Silk = cheap artificial flower

Consumers usually buy fake flowers from average craft stores but they look cheap and their colors are horrible. It’s because they are made from cheap silk material which cannot compare to real touch counterpart. It was just artificial flowers made using decade old technology. In today world, the colors of a real touch stem are very close to real and if they are in a photograph, nobody would be able to tell a difference.

Real touch faux floral arrangements for home decor

Many Flovery’s customers buy our products for home décor, real estate investment such as model home or staging home. Some are businesses from hospitality or restaurant industry. They love our faux arrangements and centerpieces because they never have to water the plant and they look great for years. Those beautiful faux centerpieces are a low-maintenance way of bringing the exquisite splendor of natural into the home.

Real touch wedding bouquets

Wedding couples decided to go with real touch artificial flowers for wedding in recent years because it’s more convenient to order way in advance and avoid risk of wilt flowers on wedding day. Some might have fresh flower allergy or don’t want to attract bugs. For couples who live in extreme weather areas that are too hot or too cold, fresh flowers may not look good on the special day. There are not that many local flower or color options during winter season. Most people go with Flovery real touch wedding bouquets because they want to keep the flowers forever. Our faux bouquets, corsage, table centerpieces, and accessories come with variety of choices for your convenience.

Available everywhere

Although Flovery is based in Seattle, Washington, our products are shipped everywhere including big major cities such as New York, San Francisco, Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, Orlando or Dallas to name a few. Flovery shops from many different vendors to bring you the best quality product available in each and every arrangement made.

Best price on real touch faux arrangements

We should not compare the price of stem by stem although it’s true that some faux flowers are less costly than average real flowers (such as real touch calla lilies). We have to look at it from the value perspective, considering the fact that they can be reused and kept for a lifetime. It doesn’t seem a bad investment!